KN 9.36: Somā Therīgāthā – Verses of the Senior Bhikkhunī Somā

Translated by Bhante Suddhāso
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Parallel Text (Saṁyutta Nikāyā): Somā Sutta
Parallel Text (Saṁyukta Āgama): Somā Sūtra

“That which is to be reached by sages,
That condition which is so hard to produce,
Cannot be attained by a woman
With her limited wisdom.”

“What difference does being a woman make
When the mind is well-concentrated,
Following the course of knowing,
Correctly and insightfully seeing the Dhamma?

Everywhere delight has been destroyed;
The mass of darkness has been split asunder,
Know this, Evil One –
You have been brought down, Ender!”

Bhante Suddhāso