AN 3.126 Gotamakacetiya Sutta

AN 3.126 Gotamakacetiya Sutta – Discourse at the Gotamaka Shrine

Translated by Bhante Suddhāso
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On one occasion the Fortunate One was living in Vesāli, at the Gotamaka Shrine. There the Fortunate One addressed the monks: “Monks!” “Venerable sir,” those monks replied to the Fortunate One. The Fortunate One said this:

“Monks, I teach a Dhamma conducive to direct knowledge, not unconducive to direct knowledge. I teach a reasonable Dhamma, not unreasonable. I teach a miraculous Dhamma, not non-miraculous.

“Monks, because I teach a Dhamma that is conducive to direct knowledge and not unconducive to direct knowledge, a Dhamma that is reasonable and not unreasonable, a Dhamma that is miraculous and not non-miraculous, my advice is to be followed, my instructions are to be enacted.

“Monks, this is sufficient reason for you to be content, sufficient reason for you to be satisfied, sufficient reason for you to be elated: ‘The Fortunate One is fully enlightened, the Dhamma is well-expounded, the Saṅgha has practiced well.’”

This is what the Blessed One said. Satisfied, those monks delighted in the Blessed One’s speech. And while this explanation was being spoken, a thousand world-systems quaked.

Bhante Suddhāso